Isabelle Ranger (co-owner)


On a sunny morning in July I had the pleasure of sitting in a café in Whistler, BC with Isabelle Ranger and her husband Cédric, who both took me on a tea tasting journey into the unknown. I say the unknown because I wasn’t familiar with their tea line-up nor Isabelle’s impressive background as a herbalist.

Handcrafted in the Pemberton Valley which on the outskirts of Whistler, Namasthé® Teas features our own Pemberton Whole Leaf Thérroir™ Tisanes in a wide selection of Premium quality, Certified Organic and Fair-Trade Loose Leaf Teas & Tea pouches. As dedicated Tea Artisans, they blend sustainabilitea in every teapouch using manila hemp tea pouches, 100% Home compostable clear overwrap and 100% Solar & Wind Power at the farm & Teacrafting Temple .

We tasted some of their loose leaf teas and infused them 2 to 3 times to make that perfect cup.

Cedric then introduced me to a new product that they just launched Wild Roots Beer and he and Isabelle explained that they make a syrup which is then add to carbonated water to make a cold tea soda. I was fortunate to taste this new Roots Beer Soda which I loved.

Since 2000, they have been developing herbal blends in Mt.Currie & Whistler then launched Namasthé® in 2006. They were the first Tea Company to create a line of 6 boxes of 16 eco Teapouches teacrafting only the rarest hand harvested Organic & Fair-Trade Award Winning Ancient Tree Teas with Local Grown Thérroir™ Tisanes in the world!

Follow them on twitter @Namastheteaco or find them on the web.