I have always loved coffee, as I travel the globe, I always visit cafes and try the locally roasted coffees, occasionally there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes I will drink coffee from a favourite roaster in Chicago, Italy, Vancouver or Tel Aviv. I also love chocolate and again as I travel I often pick-up chocolate bars in each locale.

Chef Wendy Boys

I recently took part in a coffee and chocolate pairing adventure that was lead by Chef Wendy Boys who owns Cocolico. She had created  a line of chocolate bars that were based on the coffee profiles by the Van Houtte Company. Like wine pairings, coffee pairings are similar from the character profiles of the coffee beans to the taste, and aroma. I then took part in tasting the various Van Houtte coffees along chocolate as part of their coffee profile, in the end, my coffee profile was determined and it was is “Velvety and Woodsy.”

You too can take part by completing your coffee profile online, you never know what the outcome may be, in any event this will be a fun activity and you will learn more about coffee and chocolate.