This full-evening work will be Ballet BC’s first by Resident Choreographer José Navas, who credits his experience with Ballet BC with “awakening an urgency to create classical dance but from a contemporary point-of-view. I want to change the way we look at contemporary ballet and bring back the beauty of pure movement.” Part of the full-evening work includes a reprisal of the acclaimed ballet The bliss that from their limbs all movement takes presented in the fall of 2010.

Navas says: “Collaboration is the most important aspect for me. My process is at times fast, creating without preconceptions, listening to the logic of the different bodies, and constructing on the spot. It is a process of diving into the unknown and allowing the body in motion to reveal the piece. The dancers of Ballet BC are a wonderful group of intelligent artists eager to explore my vision.

I often compare my process to that of writing a novel and I look to Virginia Woolf, who observed that at some point an author has to find the work’s spine. Choreography works similarly. To me, even though it might not be apparent, everything in the work must relate to that spine… Like a building, the piece should be solid. Most importantly, it should work if danced in silence.”

Choreography: José Navas (Montréal)

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart • Philip Glass • Henryk Gorecki • Ravi Shankar

Takes place at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Get Tickets Here