MOVE The Company

I got FUSE`d on June 17th when I attended FUSE night at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Surrealism was the theme of the night that saw a variety of entertainers dance, act and sing throughout the gallery. This surrealist-inspired FUSE featured Art, music, performance the galleries and under the stars. Performers included MOVE the company, House of La Douche, The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret and many more.

MOVE The Company

Dancer/choreographer Josh Beamish created surreal spectacle and movement in the gallery with his MOVE the company dancers. One of the performances that I attended saw him and his fellow dancers entertain with a dance that began with Josh arriving in a Motor Cycle Helmut and moves sweeping the floor, then there was the red dress adorning dancer with her large gown gracing the stage.

House of La Douche

House of La Douche took the audience by storm, innovative, attitude and alternative realities collide in performances by Vancouver’s fiercest dance troupe. Each performance throughout the night was filled to the rafters so to speak, every angle of viewing was filled with people wanting to watch.

The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret

The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret

The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret: Imagination ruled at this immersive installation by the creators of “Hard Times Hit Parade.” This humourous performance on the roof top of the gallery entertained all with their awkwardness and clowning.

DJ Taal Mala

I enjoyed the beats by DJ Taal mala in the happening FUSE lounge that was packed throughout the night with a festive crowd.

Neworld Theatre

Neworld Theatre was Surreal with a mash-up of surrealist manifestoes, poetry, drama and contemporary “found text”. Elements include: Ubu Roi, by Alfred Jarry; Surrealist manifestos and writing; and contemporary speeches, such as President Obama’s Osama speech.

I had a wonderful night roaming the Vancouver Art Galleries Surreal exhibits filled with moments of theatrical surprise. FUSE happens a few times during the year often colliding with the special exhibitions.