First Weekend Club presents

Thursday April 21st at District 319

Director/writer Deborah Chow makes her feature film debut with a subtly woven story about a young, pregnant Montreal woman, Nathalie, (Isabelle Blais) whose life comes crushing down when she loses her child as result of a hit and run accident. Haunted by his guilt, Henry (Zach Braff), an illegal pharmaceuticals dealer, seeks out Nathalie to see if she had survived. He is at first relieved to find that she is alive, but soon realizes that the incident has caused her to lose more than her own life. Soon Henry becomes a caring friend and protector to Nathalie, with the truth looming hidden in the background behind their burgeoning relationship. Nathalie does not know that her new friend is the cause of her predicament. How can he tell her?

The High Cost of Living was the recipient of the SKYY Vodka Award for Best Canadian First Feature Film at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.


6:30pm: Doors open with pre-show wine reception and live music by Jennifer Hershman

7:30pm: Film Screening followed by a Q&A by video Skype with the director Deborah Chow


Cost: $18 in advance (buy tickets online)

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Note: 19 + over only.


Name two films the First Weekend Club has presented in 2011!

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