Chef Grant Macdonald shares a dish perfect for sharing over a romantic dinner or digging in at any holiday gathering.

YEW Cheese Fondue


175 ml White Wine

50 ml Water

160g Emmenthal Cheese, grated

30g Yellow Cheddar, grated

175g Gruyere, grated

15g Cornstarch

25ml Kirsch

Pinch Ground White Pepper

Pinch Grated Nutmeg

Garlic Clove, sliced in half


Rub the inside of a small saucepan with the cut surface of the garlic clove.

Add water, nutmeg, pepper and wine to pot and bring to simmer.

Lower the heat slightly, and add the cheese, whisking slowly to combine.

Make a slurry of the kirsch and the cornstarch, then add slurry of kirsch and corn starch all at once, and continue whisking slowly until all combines into a smooth mix.

Cook for a few more minutes until the taste of the cornstarch is cooked out, and the mixture is thick and smooth.

Season with salt, and possibly more pepper, or nutmeg, to your personal taste.

To Serve

At YEW, we serve it with cornichons, grilled chorizo, bread, warm pears and pickled onions, but it could be served with anything else that goes with gooey cheese!  Mmmmm.

Courtesy of YEW Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver