Mackenzie Gray (L) & Carl Bessai (R)

I recently attended a preview screening of a new Canadian film `Fathers & Sons`by Carl Bessai that was presented by the First Weekend Club. This was the first screening I had attended of the First Weekend Club which was more than just seeing a film it was an entertaining event.

Actors - Manoj Sood (L), Ben Ratner (M), Jay Brazeau (R)

There was a reception before the film that included a glass of Prospect wine along with some munchies, they even had live music by Canadian artist Jennifer Hershman who performed during the pre-show wine reception. Following the screening, which invoked much laughter, Mackenzie Gray moderated a lively Q&A with Director Carl Bessai and cast members Ben Ratner, Jay Brazeau, Viv Leacock, Stephen Lobo & Manoj Sood.

Canadian artist Jennifer Hershman

The First Weekend Club is a film group that is dedicated to promoting the best in Canadian cinema in cities across Canada. They are a membership driven organization and they strive to get people excited about Canadian film. Membership is free and they have over 12,000 members across Canada, the Canada Screens series is a monthly screening series that is held at District 319 in Vancouver and at The Drake in Toronto.

If you love to support Canadian Film then I encourage you to become a member of the First Weekend Club, afterall it is free.

By: Richard Wolak