Puerto Madero is home to some of Bs. As. finest restaurants and five star hotels.    The newest part of the city, its clean and modern style stands apart from the traditional colonial and French style architecture in the rest of the city.

The year 2010 is the 200 year anniversary of the May Revolution that lead to Argentina’s independence, and in celebration, Puerto Madero is joining in the celebration by exhibiting historical ships from the Argentine navy along its harbor. Patrons are welcomed on board the docked masterpieces to gain a glimpse of life at sea.

Their most famous architectural landmark, the “Puente de la Mujer” which translates to The Lady’s Bridge” connects both sides of the harbor.  The riverside bank is characterized as being the residential side of Puerto Madero.  In it stand not only five star hotels such as the Bs. As. Hilton, Sofitel and the Phillip Stark designed Faena Hotel, but luxury condos, café’s and shops to suit the most exquisite tastes.

Both banks are home to many multinational company offices and restaurants of every style and category.  The high end eateries are headlined by the likes of Chila and El Mercado and Madero Tango.  Grills and bistros of different kinds can be found down the long blocks on the waterfront.

By: Maria Carra