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Bellevue for Families

Traveling to Seattle doesn’t have to mean staying in the busy city. Why not stay across Lake Washington in picturesque Bellevue? That’s what we did, with a toddler to boot! We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, on...

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Culinary Visit to Seattle

“FoodTrip” is a culinary focussed trip where I visit food areas of interest which include restaurants, cafes, bakeries and/or other places such as wineries, distilleries, chocolatiers and more that people can visit as well as a...

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Spiced Jar Cake

A sweet finish to every meal is dessert and this column is all about the best desserts that I have enjoyed in restaurants throughout the land! I have scoured eateries for the very best last course! Spiced cake with a maple glaze...

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