Laine Mervis

Laine Mervis is a corporate lawyer in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.  Laine has a love for stove-top espresso and cafe con leche, happy hour drinks and small plates, food truck fare, and other cheap, tasty and off the beaten path bites, wines and weekend getaways.  Other passions include politics (generally left-leaning), the LA Times, blue suits, and anything from the 50s and early / Camelot 60s.

Maria Carra

Maria Carra lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from where she reviews cafes and writes about food in Bs. As. Her passion for food stems from her early childhood cooking with her family.  Along with food and drink, Maria also loves design, and art.  One of her favorite cafe´s in Buenos Aires is the Cafe des Artes in the MALBA Museum of Latin American art in Buenos Aires. Her all time favorite snack is chorizo Spanish tortilla, preferably, her grandmother´s.

Eddie Tafber

Eddie Tafber is a freelance writer based in Vancouver, BC. Eddie is passionate in topics related to well being, self development, events and arts, and has an extensive catalogue of creative writing works. He has published articles in a variety of publications, such as Helium and The Jewish Independent. Eddie is also a co-host of No Longer Bored Vancouver, a popular events website based in Vancouver, BC. Being also a skilled amateur musician and photographer, it is common to see Eddie participating in music jams, drumming circles and taking pictures during his spare time.